In support of Perth and Kinross Council’s ambition to transform communications between parents/carers, Perth and Kinross Council (PKC) have been working with national partners to develop a “Parents Portal”.

This portal is designed to replace the ‘schoolbag run’, giving parents online access to a range of school-related services. At the heart of the system is a secure online MyPKC account through This is already used in PKC to enable parents to apply for services such as Free School Meals and School Transport.

Initially, this new service will introduce basic information about your child’s school and will allow you to:

  • view school calendar
  • view your child’s attendance
  • complete the annual data check process electronically
  • update your own as well as your child’s details at any time
  • access Parent Zone and MyPKC
  • access online school payments (ParentPay)

As the product develops, PKC look forward to seeing more services introduced including electronic permission slips and consent forms.

This is an exciting first phase of a new initiative which enables and creates a digital relationship between parents, pupils and schools. For further information on, please click on the link:

Getting Started

  1. In order to register, first you will need a MyPKC account. Here is a video to assist: Setting up a MyPKC account.

2. Once you have a MyPKC account, please visit to register.

3. You will first create a link to your child and then, after the school has confirmed this link, you will have access to the wider services of the portal. Here is a video explaining this process: Intro video for ParentsPortal.

Useful Information: