Attendance Policy

The Education (Scotland) Act 1980 states:

“It shall be the duty of the parent of every child of school age to provide efficient education for him suitable of his age, ability and aptitude either by causing him to attend public school regularly or by other means.”

For the last full complete academic year of 201819, the attendance rate for PKC was 95%. St Dominic’s attendance rate for this same year was 94.52%.

The PKC target for this year is 95.5% for Primary Schools. Presently, St Dominic’s attendance rate is 95.05%.

Attendance Recording, Management Guidance and Operational Procedure

Family Holiday Leaflet

Our staff in school work with pupils and their families to ensure that pupils attend regularly and punctually to enable them to receive an education that maximises the opportunity for each child to achieve his/her potential.

In working towards this, please read the PKC Raising Achievement Strategy

If you are having problems with your child’s attendance please discuss this with the school in the first instance.

St Dominic’s School Policy for Absences, Appointments, Sickness & Lateness

From time to time children become sick, if your child will not be present at school for any reason, please let the school know by 9:15am, either by phoning 01764 657 800 or email:

We will phone you to check where your child is if we do not have this information.  If we cannot contact you, we will phone your emergency contact.

If you have a medical or dental appointment please email a picture of your appointment letter to the school email address.

Please remember if your child has a sickness/diarrhoea bug please keep your child at home for 48 hours after the last bout.