St Dominic’s RC Primary School has three sources of funding. The Devolved School Management (DSM), The School Fund (SF) and the Parent Council Funding.


The DSM is an allocated budget for each School determined by PKC based on the number of children in the school. This covers the costs of the running of the school including school meals.

School Fund

The School Fund is income received via ParentPay (excluding school meals) from uniform sales, fundraising events and donations. Please read the Constitution below for further information.

As we say au revoir to 2022-23 school year, we are already welcoming and planning 2023-24 school year. Presently the cost of the school year for 2023-24 is detailed in document below (as at 15/08/23). As funding opportunities arise such as charitable donations, funding applications and Parental Council- historic funds the planner could change. As always, if any families are struggling, or require any further information, please email/call the school and we will endeavour to help.

Financial documents from 2022-23 to be audited:

Parent Council

Please click here for more information regarding St Dominic’s Community (parent council).