Scottish National Standardised Assessments

At St Dominic’s RC Primary School, we have a rigorous and shared understanding of all aspects of assessment.  Our approach to assessment is at the heart of high quality teaching and learning and all teachers have ongoing opportunities for professional development, to ensure they are skilled and confident in assessing pupils’ learning.  

Our assessment is inclusive of all abilities and is used diagnostically to contribute to the early and accurate identification of pupils’ needs, support and intervention. At different points within the school year P1, P4 and P7 pupils will undertake their National Assessments.

These National assessments are all online and all pupils are supported to complete them to the best of their ability. They are  delivered as part of the ongoing learning and teaching and how they will form part of a range of approaches to assessment that class teachers undertake to award a level of achievement. (Early level for the majority of pupils in P1, First Level for the majority of pupils in P4, Second Level for the majority of pupils in P7).

An information page for families is available on the Scottish Government’s website

We ensure assessments are fair, reliable and valid through ongoing internal external moderation.

Families are very welcome to discuss their pupils learning and assessments. Formal Parent consultation meetings take place in the Autumn and Spring term.  In addition to this, families can also arrange appointments to meet with the class teacher and or the Headteacher.  At the end of each year, families receive detailed academic reports on their child’s progress, recognising achievements and identifying next steps in their learning.

Our use of assessment aims to inspire our pupils.