A Gold Status Rights Respecting School

St Dominic’s RCPS achieved it’s gold status as a Rights Respecting School. Every year, each class establishes their own Class Charter, based on the rights they feel are the most important to them. Our Rights Respecting Citizenship group meets weekly to discuss children’s access to their rights in our school, their community and globally.

Right of the Week, 28th September 2022

Article 28 of the CRC says that all children across the world have the right to access primary education for free, and secondary education must be available to every child. It also speaks of the importance of children being treated with dignity in their school setting. Some activities in this pack are also linked to Article 29 which is closely related as it describes what the goals of education should be.

You can find a wide range of activities – from simple conversations with younger children about what they like about learning to campaigning ideas for older changemakers.

The Global Goals

The Global Goals were established in 2015. Now more than ever, from citizenship and justice to climate change and the environment, inspire your children to make a difference!

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